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Schule für Eurythmische Art und Kunst

At present, in addition to various lecturers for the subject lessons, four lecturers teach at the Eurythmy School. In addition to teaching, they are themselves artistically active at Eurythmie Bühne Berlin.

Monika Höfer

1959 Born and raised in Lengenfeld, Vogtland.
1978 High school diploma.
1978-83 Studied English and German language and literature (FSU Jena).
1990-94 English teacher at a Waldorf school.
1994-97 Eurythmy training at the "Schule für Eurythmische Art und Kunst Berlin".
Since 1997 member of the eurythmy stagegroup in Berlin.
Since 1999 kindergarten eurythmy in various kindergartens.
Since 2003 teacher in Berlin.

Swinte Janicek

1983 Born and raised in Schwäbisch Hall, Baden-Wuerttemberg,
2 children.
2002-2005 Co-working with special needs people at  "Stadtgemeinschaft Berlin" (nowadays Lebensorte)
Eurythmy training at the "Schule für Eurythmische Art und Kunst Berlin".
Artistic stage year at "Eurythmie-Bühne Berlin"
Eurythmy at kindergartens
Teacher for eurythmy, religion and class support at the Waldorf school "Emil Molt Schule Berlin"
Lehrerin für Deutsch als Fremdsprache, Schule D. Mamaschowa, Bischkek Kirgistan
Eurythmy courses at Waldorflehrerseminar Kasachstan/Kirgistan, Bischkek
Eurythmy courses at curative education seminar Umut-Nadjeshda, Bischkek
Eurythmy with handicapped people at Janusz-Korczak-Institut Bischkek

since 2021 Teacher at "Schule für Eurythmische Art und Kunst Berlin".
since 2024 Member of the Executive Board of G. z. F. (supporting organisation)

Anne-Rose Kallinowsky

1960 Born and raised in Frankfurt/Main, 3 children.
After graduating from the Waldorf school, eurythmy training with Lea van der Pals in Dornach.

1985-2001 Eurythmy teacher at a Waldorf school in all age groups. Work with adults, small children and in kindergarten.
Participation in various artistic stage projects.

1989-94 Stage work with Christoph Graf.

Since 2001 teacher in Berlin.

Alois Winter

1952 Born and raised near Basel, Switzerland.
1973-79 Speech formation training with Halina Kaiser-Jankowska, Basel.
1979-84 Eurythmy training with Lea van der Pals, Dornach.
1984-94 Eurythmy teacher at various Waldorf schools.
1984-95 Teacher at the eurythmy training Lea van der Pals.
Stage work with Christoph Graf.
Since 1995 teacher in Berlin.
Guest with the Goetheanum Stage Group and the Moon Ensemble.
Since 1999 director of the "Schule für Eurythmische Art und Kunst" and the Eurythmy stage group Berlin.

Other and guest teachers

Speech formation:
Gabriele Tsouloukidse, Alois Winter

Choral singing:
Stefan Meinecke

Music theory:
Viola Bäumer-Bruhn

Stephanie Lossen

Poetics, Literature, Art contemplation:
Hans-Paul Fiechter

Form drawing:
Stephanie Lossen

Guest teachers for Eurythmy:
Annemarie Bäschlin (Ringoldingen/Swizzerland)
Dorothea Mier (Spring Valley, New York)
Cordula Gerber (Bad Nauheim, Germany)

Eurythmy therapy:
Werner Wohllaib