Smooth ice
A paradise
For those who know how to dance well

Friedrich Nietzsche

Speech and music

are the most differentiated, and most developed means of expression that we as human beings have at our disposal. Eurythmy arises from the attempt to make visible, through physical gestures and movements in space, the fleeting audible elements within speech and music. Eurythmy is dance, made visible language and music.

Extending Artistic Work for Young Eurythmists

Dear Eurythmists!

In the coming year of training 2023/24, you will have the opportunity during a fifth year of study to extend your artistic eurythmy at the Schule für Eurythmische Art und Kunst Berlin.

What we offer and what we assume you can read here.


Eurythmisten in Bewegung

In its 100-year history, the art of eurythmy has developed into a significant element worldwide, especially in Central Europe.

It plays an important role in the pedagogical concept of Waldorf schools and tens of thousands of pupils practice it as "gymnastics for the soul".

Countless people draw strength and inspiration from courses and seminars, which are now offered even in the most remote places.

Various stage ensembles enrich the artistic endeavours in the diverse surroundings of the neighbouring arts of music, theatre and dance.

Eurythmy therapy forms an essential component of anthroposophically extended medicine.

The Eurythmy School in Berlin

The Eurythmy School in Berlin is recognised as eligible for funding under BAföG (Ausbildungsfinanzierung für deutsche Auszubildende). The school is recognized by the Freie Hochschule für Geisteswissenschaft, Dornach/Switzerland, and is a member of the association "Eurythmieschulen im Verbund".

The unique thing about the Eurythmy School Berlin is that it is located in a green environment on the outskirts of the city. The school building itself is surrounded by a large garden. Various lakes are within walking distance, as is the Grunewald forest, which stretches from Wannsee all the way to the Havel River. Nevertheless, the city centre - with its endless range of cultural events, museums, theatres and concert halls - can be easily and quickly reached by public transport.

There are four eurythmy rooms in the building. The library is used as a classroom and conference room. On the lower level there is a common room and a kitchen where students can cook meals. There is also a lounge where students can rest during the breaks.

Once a year a newsletter is published in German which reports about special events of the past year as well as upcoming events. You can download the last (German) newsletter here as a PDF file.

Schulbrief (german only)

Schulbrief (german only) 1.8 MiB

Our next events


Arbeit an der Gestaltung verschiedener Instrumente in der Eurythmie

Ton-Eurythmie Fortbildungskurs
für Eurythmistinnen und Eurythmisten

mit Dorothea Mier, Spring Valley/New Yorck

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24.2.2023 | 20:00


Arbeiten der Studierenden des 4. Ausbildungsjahres.

Öffentliche Aufführung


Sprachgestaltung und Lauteurythmie

Regelmäßiges Kursangebot

• Sprachgestaltung samstags, 9.30-10.30 Uhr

• Lauteurythmie samstags, 10.30-12.00 Uhr

Leitung: Alois Winter

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